Report to Parish Council Meeting

A meeting took place at Brown Edge Village Hall (in the entrance hall) on Thursday 19th July at 7.30pm Agenda was Election Of Chairman Election of Vice Chairman Preparation for 22nd July Meeting(s) Review of Draft Policies Next steps Peter Turner was elected chairman and Phil Berrisford vice chair. Undertook an initial review of  Draft […]

Report to January Parish Council Meeting

Report of Decembers activities for January Parish Council meeting The Neighborhood plan committee meeting held on 14th December Apologies were received from Christina Jebb and Neil Hargreaves Welcome new members Dave Hunt and Neil Hargreaves The rationale for undertaking our own site allocations and creating site criteria was explained to members (detailed below) as some […]

Consultation Period Extended

In order that we are able to ensure we have consulted as wide an audience as is possible we are extending our consultation period for a further 4 weeks until the end of January.  We are also looking at running some roadshow events so that we can explain where we are with the plan and what […]

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Report to December Meeting of Parish Council

The Chairman reported the resignation of three members Phil Rushton and Maureen and John Perry because they have moved out of the area. He had received requests from Dave Hunt and Neil Hargreaves to Join the Committee and subject to |Parish Council approval he will ask them to complete the register of interests and the […]


November Report to the Parish Council

As requested by the Parish Council the NP Committee continues to push forward by developing proposed site allocation criteria against which sites suggested by the public at the earlier consultations can be assessed. This is required so that if a housing allocation was again imposed ie the Local Plan was changed/amended/legally challenged, a developer speculatively […]


October Report to Parish Council

Three applications for support from Locality have been ongoing since March Support for investigation into the development of the holy bush site under the Communities right to build Further support for work required to produce policies that will stand up in court and site selection criteria. Technical support for the Professional assessment of our housing […]


August Meeting of NP Committee

Committee meeting on 3rd August 2017 Met in Village Hall 7.30 pm Review of SMDC Local Plan Local plan clarification, there is confusion over the actual plan  was in fact updated on the morning of our meeting with SMDC No site allocation outside the green belt by smdc No housing allocation But the plan calls […]

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July Report To The Parish Council

Meeting with SMDC We asked for clarity over  the local plan re preferred sites and the numbers The removal of visual open space and public open space designations Whether SMDC would support the Parish Council if a green belt site was identified through its site allocation process.   Local plan clarification, there is confusion over […]


May Update

At the May meeting the committee started to gather together information such as Start to identify historic features on a map including old houses, farms, etc Draw up a map of local paths and how they interact with walks/paths outside our parish, Start to identify wildlife areas and open water/ponds etc especially in gardens Make […]


April Update

Defining Policies During March & April we have started to identify our policies which arise from our objectives.  This has been an interesting exercise as it starts to become challenging in that individuals perhaps start to realise that their own position or understanding does not fit with what we are trying to achieve as set […]

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