Meeting with SMDC officials

Meeting took place at SMDC offices on Thursday 9th March   Phil Linda and PT met with three Council Officials Our Liason officer Jo Bagnall Mark James & another (apologies for not recording this)   We explained how the group operated and that it was a committee of the Parish Council and it was subject […]

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March Update

Steady progress is being made with the Neighbourhood plan and the objectives now defined following meetings of working parties and the NP Committee. It is clear that we need to undertake a Housing Needs analysis in the form of a survey that will identify what type of housing that is required. The next stage is […]

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The Vision

The fundamental plank of the plan is the vision for the future from which all policies will stem and this has now been adopted by the Parish Council as its vision. ‘By 2031 we will have maintained and strengthened the characteristics of our rural moorlands village with an active, vibrant and sustainable community supporting a […]

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